Welcome to CollecTarot & Books, a source for unique and vintage Tarot cards and sets, along with an eclectic selection of metaphysical books focusing on divination, psychology, and mythology.

We have set up this website as a supplement to our eBay store in order to offer savings on select items. Over the years eBay's commissions have grown considerably. Particularly for Tarot historical reproductions, which appear only intermittently on eBay, this site will provide a chance to save 10% to 15% or more than what we can offer the same item for on eBay.

Look for promo codes in our newsletters and coupons in our shipments.

Classic reproductions from Meneghello, Editions Sivilixi, Rinascemento Italian Art, Robledo and more will be offered on a regular basis.

Thank you for your business.