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A quote by the author sums it up well: "I have illustrated all 78 cards, both majors and minors, using the traditional meanings for the minors first recorded by Etteilla and his School. The designs for the majors are inspired chiefly by designs from the Marseilles and Estense (Gringoneur) decks."

The visual style is a mixture of traditional images from the Tarot de Marseilles, Medieval manuscript iconography and occasional astrological symbols. Some of the Majors are derived from the so-called Gringoneur (a 15th Century deck). The minors are fully illustrated and the Court cards use the traditional poses. The Court cards are given names (except the Knights) in addition to their titles. The names were drawn from history and legend (such as Alexander and Ceasar), and are historically associated with Court figures on French playing cards. There are also playing card symbols of Clubs (in Coins), Hearts (in Cups), Spades (in Swords) and Diamonds (in Wands) present in the Minors.

Huson has used very strong, bright colors to illustrate this deck, the backgrounds and borders of which are color-coded. Coins are dark green, Cups are dark blue, Swords are orange and Wands a light blue. The Majors use an orange border with a chartreuse background. There is no 'fleshtone' in this deck; the faces of all characters are white, shaded with a grey/brown, making them very similar in appearance to faces in Medieval and Renaissance stained glass windows.

All of the card titles are in English, at the bottom of the illustrations (except for Death, who consistent with the Marseilles tradition, has no title). The Majors are Roman numbered at the top of the card, within the illustration (except the Fool, who is numberless). All Minor cards, including Courts, are titled below the illustration as well.

The addition of the Siginificator card means that when reading with this deck, you do not need to remove one of the Court cards to represent the Questioner. This cards' illustration is based on an old Medieval astrological chart showing what parts of the body are ruled by which Zodiac signs, and can be used for male and female questioners alike, since the body parts that would determine the illustrated character's sex are hidden by the various Zodiac signs.

The cardbacks are reversible, and have the appearance of an Islamic or Moorish tile wall. Both front and backs of the cards use a white border. Cards are semi-gloss coated with rounded corners.

The booklet information repeats in five languages; English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. A simple 3 card (using The Significator) "Gypsy Spread" is the only one mentioned. Only simple upright and reversed card meanings are given, but each Suit gets a 'whole' meaning described.

***Condition of THIS deck:
This is a new, sealed deck. Photos and scans are from an identical open deck.

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